This confession of faith was agreed upon by all the churches at the first ecumenical council

held in 325AD in the city of Nicea, near Constantinople. The Nicene Creed is solemnly chanted

by all people as an offical declaration of the most important articles of the Church's doctrine

It is essential that all those who have assembled for the Divine Liturgy be of one theological mind.

If our worship is to be truly the corporate act of Christ's body, the Church, then there can be no

diversity of opinion regarding who God is and who we are relative to him. This is what the Nicene Creed declares.

While reciting the Creed, the faithful join their hands together, thumbs crossed, a reminder of our unity in the orthodox faith


The text was taken from "Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church" 1999 by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

Sung by the St. James choir Watertown, MA. from "Easter Eve in the Armenian Church" recorded 1964. Fr. Arten Ashjian, celebrant, Dr Ara Avakian, Conductor