Visitation MINISTRY

Pastoral Care

If you or someone you know is homebound and would like to have a pastoral visit & receive Holy Communion, we ask that you PLEASE notify Der Hayr personally, or through the Church Office:

Email: or phone (508) 756-2931
Der Tadeos: or 508-756-7393

Hospital Visitations

If someone you know is hospitalized, in a Nursing Home or at home, we ask that you PLEASE notify Der Hayr, personally, or through the Church Office:


Email: or phone (508) 756-2931
Der Tadeos: or 508-756-7393




Welcome to the Sunday School of Armenian Church of Our Saviour. We help our children strengthen their connection with Christ and grow their faith in God as they continue their journey in life.

TODDLERS MINISTRY: We will also have toddlers ministry and program every Sunday morning at our Church hall starting September 17th. All kids up to age 5 are welcome. 

EVERY SUNDAY the students will join Soorp Badarak to receive Holy Communion then will resume back to their Sunday School activities. 

 SERVING ON THE ALTAR & CHOIR: students who would like to serve on the Altar & the choir are welcome to alternate between the Sunday School and serving during Badarak. They may attend Sunday School one Sunday and serve at Church the following Sunday. 
FAMILY SUNDAYS: This year our calendar will consist of FAMILY SUNDAY on the first Sunday of every month where our children besides various activities will have a  very special children’s sermon given specifically to them by Der Tadeos. We encourage all the parents to attend the family Sunday with their children. 

OUTREACH SUNDAYS; The fourth Sunday of each month there will be an Outreach Sunday ministry at Our Saviour where we will perform community services for a local community. Our children will participate and serve with our community. More to come on this. 

This year promises an increase in crafts, learning about our Armenian culture and incorporating a lot of fun in our program. Every room will have a Smart TV for the teachers to use to incorporate programs into their lessons.  We want your/our children to grow their faith in GOD.

Finally, All Children in Our Local Community are WELCOME TO ATTEND.
For More Information, please contact Barry Bilzerian at 508-450-2950
Thank you and God Bless You.

Andrea Surabian, Gina Surabian-Heck, Michael Mamishian, Barry Bilzerian and
Der Tadeos Barseghyan, Pastor.


First Sunday of every month is a Family Worship Sunday at Our Saviour



Armenian Church of Our Saviour

Dear parishioners and friends,

We are happy announce a new Outreach Ministry of the Armenian Church of Our Saviour. 
We are partnering with Veterans Inc in Worcester to serve those in need around us. We will make sandwiches together to be delivered to the Veterans Inc. shelter on Grove Str. in Worcester and served to all the visitors. 

Fourth Sunday of every month
During the fellowship hour